Lauren Conrad’s look at fashion jobs with street trends at New York Fashion Week 

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

Get A Fashion Job

Fashion is more than just needle and thread, the web weaves more jobs than one would ever imagine.  

Lauren Conrad today directs us with a Tuesday Ten filled with plenty of occupations in the fashion industry.  

Let’s start with the intern, who gets to taste every position involved in fashion in a short amount of time where they can get contacts, build resumes, and get a job once out of college.

From there, you can be a creative director who oversees the vision of the entire brand, a brand or sales representative who works closely with buyers, bloggers, and editors, or an editorial assistant who does the detailed work for editors to get the work out correctly.

There’s also marketing or social media assistant who must be  savvy with every platform there is, a Public Relations Coordinator who keeps records of design clients, and design assistant who works closely with designers to mark the vision come to life.

Finally, there’s the buyer or buyer’s assistant who pulls product for the company while predicting trends before they happen, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who oversees every aspect of business operations, and stylist who are more than experts of fashion styling models and talent.

The Street Styles Of NYFW

Trends are dictated on the runway, they’re also dictated by real-life women going to see these shows at NYFW.

The fashion week chronicles continue today with Lauren’s Allison Norton reporting street trends that are slinky slip dresses, silk slip dresses, and silk cami by LC Runway.

Surprisingly, mom jeans were out on the street of many women toggling between runway shows, as well as one or cold shoulder blouses, flat mules, circle bags, and chockers.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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