Lauren Conrad falls in love with denim



Love Your Denim

In honor of the first day of fall, Lauren Conrad devotes an entire style guide to the latest denim trends hitting the scene this season, as well as dominating all of fashion.

First, find a sturdy denim jacket that never goes out of style having all the roughness on it, then get some embroidered denim, and distressed denim for many great looks.

You can also find light versions of denim in oversized button down shirts, flare denim jeans for that 70’s look we all crave, and raw hems for a little taste of under done looks.

Denim also expands to variations such as patchwork jeans, and cropped flare denim to keep up with a capri like look, and then there are denim skirts and denim shirt dresses

Geode Cake Truffles 

The recipe box opens up once again at today that mixes hard candy with cake in the middle inspired by gingersnap.

Enjoy your geode cake truffles created by standouts like cocoa, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla frosting, gingersnap cookies, coffee, white chocolate, gold disco dust, and a splash of vodka.

Daniel Quintanilla

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