Delicacies reveals food-inspired jewelry at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: EB Consultants

The Jewel Of Food

Nicolle Nelson, co-founder and designer of Delicacies had a dream almost 3 years ago thanks to a bout with Dengue Fever from living on and off in Yukatan, Mexico for 8 years of a tiny head of garlic fastened with leather around her wrist.
From that dream, Delicacies was born displaying ingredients of your choosing where fall is all about flavors such as corn, ginger, garlic, carrot, coffee, and pumpkin spice, just to name a few.
This brand-new jewelry line represents our favorite foods in gold and silver necklaces holding up tiny pendents shaped like food, and are perfectly mixed and matched ingredients blended well together.
Nicolle Nelson grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota loving all the spring and summer fruits and vegetables these seasons have to offer, Nicolle loved picked raspberries, strawberries, panfried freshly-caught walleye, perfectly-ripe tomatoes, and sweet corn.
This food-inspired jewelry collection also does a lot of good, Nicolle says for every bracelet purchased, Delicacies will donate at least ten meals to a hunger relief organization with whom they are currently partnered with.
From someone like myself who loves fresh fruit and vegetables especially in the summertime, Delicacies does so much good for charity, for profit, and for the palate.

Daniel Quintanilla

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