Lauren Conrad takes Paper Crown behind the scenes; and break-up signs

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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Paper Crown Uncovered

Lauren Conrad’s good people at today gave us an inside look at Lauren’s high-end clothing line, Paper Crown because we just cannot get New York Fashion Week off our minds.

Each day at Paper Crown starts with a review of production, work quality check, and assurance of things running smoothly, as well as emails from various places and troubleshooting problems that may arise.

For the beloved Paper Crown employees, no day is the same, and no task is limited to one. And having skills of web design and knowledge of second language benefit people like Kelly and Haley well when developing web pages and dealing with contractors who don’t speak English.

One of the most-important jobs too at Paper Crown goes to Michelle who’s an Assistant Designer/ Assistant Technical Designer as you not only solve problems, but help make the vision come to life.  And no one understands that job better than Paper Crown COO, Maura McManus who’s responsible for overseeing the entire day-to-day operations making Lauren Conrad’s vision be successful short-term and long-term.

I’m Breaking Up With You

Relationships are tough, but it’s even tougher to break away from someone when you know it’s not working anymore.  Lauren Conrad and her Tuesday Ten today share signs that you and your partner can no longer co-exist.

The first 3 signs include arguments that go nowhere, visions of 2 of you together are not present, and other people don’t see you in a relationship with your other.

Plus, you’re more sad than you are happy, you feel more alone with your partner than you do by yourself, and your partner doesn’t support your goals.

And finally, you see that your relationship is more about convenience than love, there are less pros and more cons, you’re not excited to see your so-called other half, and you are unwilling to compromise, therefore it’s over.

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