Lauren Conrad chats with Haylie Duff about love for food



Love In The Kitchen

Lauren Conrad contributor, Anna James brought us Ladies Who Laptop today chatting with Haylie Duff (sister of superstar, Hilary Duff), who’s her own success story as an entrepreneur, an actress, and a TV star who also started her own blog called The Real Girls Kitchen, which is also a successful book too.

Haylie stresses that her love for making food comes from family, where she loved bringing people together for a good meal, Haylie also explains her best and worst moments cooking food being hard boiled eggs without water, and Easy Mac without water also.

Haylie has a new TV show called Haylie’s America every Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on The Cooking Channel.

Picks for Pre-Dinner Food

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul gets creative today with picks you can decorate for your themed parties to pick food, or to sip drinks.

All that’s needed is glitter, cat decoration if required, a little more sparkle, straws, picks, hot glue, and instruction for it to all come together, these find decorations make your food gorgeous.

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