Lauren Conrad chic with daring denim



Denim In One

Lauren Conrad’s Chic of the Week today put denim on the wild side making it into a monochromatic outfit top to bottom.

Let’s meet Paige that is all out with this denim, Paige is wearing a denim jacket, a denim button down blouse, and a pair of denim jeans of course.

Though this is a monochromatic outfit, Paige breaks up her one-type outfit in shades of blue that range from lighter hues of blue tinting to darker hues of blue.

Paige’s words about the monochromatic denim outfit she wears is that either it’s trendy or fashion police worthy, Paige also says Chambray shirts have been a commodity for awhile now, and that denim never goes out of style.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s picks this week are mini-pies tied in a bow with a wooden spoon, words of wisdom being it’s never too late to be who you’ve might’ve been, choker looks, copper-toned vases, and laughs between Jimmy Fallon & Sofia Vergara.

Daniel Quintanilla

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