Lauren Conrad visits with The Little Market refugees



Spreading Empowerment To Woman

Lauren Conrad continues sharing the wealth with others in her work at The Little Market finding artisan woman from around the world, and Lauren displays that today in a photo diary with Lauren’s visit to GAIA, based in Dallas, Texas.

Along with The Little Market partner, Hannah Skvarla, Lauren found out more about GAIA which is on a mission to empower refugee women living in Dallas, Texas through employment, encouragement, and dedication to achieving financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Lauren and Hannah got to know refugees from Congo, Burma, and Syria where they had fun working on custom designs like the Ikat White Pom Pom Bag, the Mudcloth Black Pouch, and the Mudcloth Indigo Fold-Over Clutch.

Rosemary’s Chocolate Moose

The dishes just keep on coming from the recipe box today as Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen releases rosemary chocolate moose.

Claire finds inspiration from a true horror movie classic being Rosemary’s Baby to add a little bittersweet chocolate, fresh rosemary, cream of tartar, and black strap rum with the usual eggs, cream, sugar, and others that make this another favorite for yours truly.

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