iConcept Media and CAAFD open new showroom for emerging designers 

Courtesy: iconcept media group & CAAFD

Come Together For Designers Of Tomorrow

Both iconcept media group and the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers announced today a brand-new showroom called the iCon Showroom will open up in the heart of New York City’s fashion district that will cultivate emergent designers.

This new and unique showroom will feature 7 to 11 international designers giving them the chance to build their fashion brand in the American market.

Designers to be featured in the iCon Showroom are Irina Vitjaz, Rosenthal Tee, PONYO PORCO, Jessica Van and LAISON, all of which recently brought their collections to New York Fashion Week in CAAFD sponsored showcases.

Redeemer Resk ’Que, Executive / Fashion Director at iConcept Media says the iCon Showroom is a place where dreams come true for designers who want their brands featured in a great place like New York City where fashion rules.

Redeemer also says these designers went through a rigorous screening process measuring their business savvy, passion, and skills as a designers which could revolutionize the American fashion industry.

The iCon Showroom acts as a hub for buyers, celebrities, stylist, press, and more who seek an interest in these emerging designers, and press will get a sample of their work via photos upon request.

Daniel Quintanilla

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