Lauren Conrad cuts hair short again 

Courtesy: Kristin Ess Instagram

A Cut Every Now & Then Beautifies

Lauren Conrad surprised us Friday as she ascended on her stylist, Kristin Ess to give her a periodic maintenance of her beautiful hair, which Kristin gladly posted.

Lauren’s not one who gets her haircut very often, it takes some tremendous time and growth for Lauren’s locks to grow with which can be 7 to 18 months.

Though, Kristin doesn’t say directly she cut a little off of Lauren’s do, Kristin did say she loves a little textured spray with Lauren and others in company at the time.

Way back in July 2014, Lauren had her biggest trim yet cutting down on her luscious locks after 7 years without a cut to fall in the trend of the short bob which Taylor Swift caused at the time.

Since then, Lauren got another cut a short time after, and this is her first cut since that time, so Lauren’s hair’s been growing in a lot in the time between her last cut.

Daniel Quintanilla

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