Shui Chen relaunches high-end collection in New York City

Courtesy: Shui Chen

Stronger Than Ever

Shui Chen, sculptor turned fashion designer, has relaunched her signature collection of wearable sculpture by way of chic knitwear and outerwear for the athlesiure set on Friday, October 7 debuting her new Spring 2017 Collection at Trattoria Il Mulino in New York City. 

The high-end designer Shui Chen brand launched in 2010 to impressive commercial success, selling at Saks Fifth Avenue and select boutiques throughout the US, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the Middle East.

The brand took a pause when Ms. Chen decided to go back home to Taiwan to care for her family.

Today, the Shui Chen collection is stronger than ever with the debut of an e-commerce platform, and a full re-launch of the brand. 

Shui, which translates as simple and clean in Chinese encapsulates Chen’s distinct personal style and design philosophy. Innovative wearable sculpture, of the finest Italian fabrics, is the foundation of the Shui Chen collection.

For Spring 2017, the knitwear and outerwear collection showcases flowing knitwear of deconstructed raw cotton linen with crafty threading details and lots of texture.

Despite the fact that it would be easy for her to outsource her garment construction to Asia, Chen has chosen to support the New York City Fashion industry and adhere to fair labor standards by insisting her collections are made in New York City.

The Shui Chen woman is bold with effortless sophistication, embodying a lifestyle of wellness, beauty and confidence serving as a complement to the athleisure set.

The collections epitomize Shui Chen’s vision of creating high-end wearable art with a casual softness to evoke a women’s internal energy.

Daniel Quintanilla

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