Lauren Conrad fights against domestic violence via The Little Market



Ending Violence Against Women

Lauren Conrad made an everybody aware Thursday about an important fight to end domestic violence against women lending a helping hand during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

According to Lauren’s research, Lauren learned that domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that is violent and controlling and can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial abuse.

Lauren also found that the women artisans she works with at The Little Market are victims of domestic violence, but a woman making her own income and her own decisions decreases a woman’s chances of being a victim of domestic violence.

The Little Market partnered with Wakami to promote economic initiatives in rural villages like Guatemala connecting more than 500 artisan women to a larger market place, and creating a purple and silver bracelet as a sign to end domestic violence against women.

Overall, Lauren says the important thing we can do is not stay silent about women being abused by their male counterparts.

Chic Of The Week: Feminine Fall Florals

Chic of the Week today presents Tristan who’s got floral peach prints going for her on burgundy culottes direct from the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.

Tristan matches up these culottes with shades of pink from a sweater blouse, and nude from handbag and high heels.

Tristan’s also a huge fan of Lauren’s pieces from the fall 2016 runway collection which are outstanding, adorable, and affordable.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad as always has her picks before the weekend begins starting out with metallic fall freckles, silk pajama tops, healthy pumpkin pie smoothies, puppies with crowns on their head, and a mashup of dance scenes from famous movies.

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