Lauren Conrad’s spooky eye manicure


Are You Ready for Halloween?

You’ve got 7 days, maybe even shorter than that like 5, 4, or even 3 days to get your body in check before costumes, and the makeup get applied to your face, but at least Lauren Conrad today gets you set with a manicure uplifting your Halloween spirit.

Lauren calls it the spooky eye manicure which is very simple to execute just by using a few simple items like black, white, and red nail polish, a tooth pick, and a small tip paint brush, but you need a base and topcoat first before you start master painting.

Throughout all the instructions, you must let each coat of black paint which is 2 dry completely, then add white and dry completely, and add red to dry completely as you are creating the scariest nails there are.

The Little Market Celebtration

Yes, I even remember this moment well, it was 3 years ago today that I reported at under Lauren Conrad Examiner that Lauren Conrad and friend, Hannah Skvarla started a new passion project called The Little Market celebrating artisan women from around the world.

Now, three years later, Lauren Conrad today celebrates the 3 year anniversary of The Little Market looking back at all of its accomplishments, and looking forward to many more accomplishments for many years to come.

Daniel Quintanilla

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