Jitrois throws exclusive cocktail party for Kerry James Marshal ‘Mastry’ opening

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Cocktails For Fashion

Jean Claude Jitrois, founder of Jitrois hosted a cocktail party Tuesday evening to celebrate the opening of Kerry James Marshal ‘Mastry’ now at The Met Breuer of The Metropolitian Museum of Art over at the Jitrois flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Attendees included Yann Patry, Jessica Gorlicky, Ramona Singer, Amir Baradaran, Yvette Schmitter, Valerie Velazquez, Courtney Daniels, Christina Halar, Sonia Nassery, Jasper Lannung, Angelica Morrow, Mary Snow, Flavia Masson, Jillian Lewis, Missy Pool.

Famous performance and pop artist Jessica Gorlicky live painted a portrait of Jean Claude Jitrois as well as turned Jean Claude himself into art by painting him throughout the evening.

While enjoying live music from Angelica Morrow, guest experienced the Jitris Spring/ Summer 2017 collection which is an alternative perspective of beauty for woman expecting for beautiful answers in a challenged society.

From a new cultural commitment to a classic savoir-faire, clothes are shaped to be labelled as second skin, the Jitrois woman will be wearing dresses inspired by tattoos that are inverted into delicate embroideries of suede, leather, organza onto tulle, as if it projects onto the skin.

Jean Claude incorporated lingerie into dresses and separately revealing the concept of underwear as outerwear, whilst retaining an air of cool and quiet confidence.

The Jitrois woman will be wearing the finest suede and leather with a colour palette inspired by floral prettiness yet she  is no wilting wallflower. Guy Bourdin encapsulates this women perfectly, dressed in pale pink, holding peonies.

Overall, Jean Claude Jitrois offers an elevated vison of an independent, assertive yet mysterious women.

Daniel Quintanilla

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