Lauren Conrad finds Halloween treats that are good for you



Trick Or Treat (But No Weight Gain)

Here’s the deal, 5 to 7 days until get into our sexy costumes, party down, and drink hard enough to sleep through the next day, but the nitty gritty of it all is that Halloween is all about candy that can spoil your figure during or after Halloween.

Lauren Conrad today has 3 healthy treats with help from Kelly LeVeque to help you cut down on your candy cravings starting with mixing trail mix with golden berries for those of you who like sour candy.

If you love gummy bears, you can make your own by mixing grass-fed gelatin with lime or lemon juice and local honey to make your very own gummy bear mold shaping however you want.

And for the chocolate lovers, pick out low sugar or no sugar added fudge bars, Kelly also recommends Theo or Primal bars, and you can make your own fudge bars too just by following Kelly’s recipe filled with good ingredients that keep your waistline oceans away from the danger zone.

Snow Cones For Adults

It’s Lovely Libations time again as Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul serves up today homemade spiced apple cider snow cones bringing a childhood favorite combined with fall flavors and strong spirits into one place for a good drink/ dessert.

Now all you need is spiced apple cider, granulated sugar, ice cubes, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and your favorite rum or whiskey to enjoy the beauty of fall or even the spookiness of Halloween as it unfolds.

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