Babel New York Kicks Off Halloween Weekend


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

This Is New York, We Got This

Halloween finally arrives here in New York, New York as the weekend kicked off late Friday night with the biggest and most popular Halloween party yours truly could ever imagine, thanks to Babel New York who’s presence is a given among New York fashion elites.

It happened in Brooklyn, New York last night up until 6am today where huge crowds lined up on Johnson Avenue off of Morgan Avenue dressed up getting in on the Halloween fun.

Since lines were long, it took almost an hour alone to get in the open-spaced, open-ended, two block long warehouse not only fulfilling every safety code New York required, but accompanying eager young people like yours truly to get some Halloween action.

Throughout the night, there were fire breathers, caged latex dancers, and deejays on big and small stages so we can all share in on the fun on what was a cold night, and a scene filled with movie characters, heavenly blond angels, and more than one’s fill of dominatrix’s that fit the excitement on the scene well.

There were mumblings that this party could go until as late as 10am this morning according to others who’ve been at Babel parties previously, but 6am’s end was justified and satisfying as the party ended with harp playing and opera singing by talented young ladies.

And as always, Daniel+Lauren founder, Daniel Quintanilla got in on the fun with social media updates all night long, and well as dressing up as Tamara from MTV’s now defunct sitcom, “Awkward.”.

The only scary part about the night was the party ending after 6am, and it still felt like the middle of the night even though technically it’s daytime, that’s all because of the time of year it is where sunrise is not until 7:30am, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daniel Quintanilla

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