Halloween Weekend goes down big at Gansevoort Park Avenue


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Never Famish Your Soul On Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween here in New York, New York is always a big event here in Manhattan starting all the way from the day and into the night, that’s where yours truly comes in Saturday night paying their annual visit to Gansevoort Park Avenue rooftop club throwing their annual Halloween party.

As always, the top of the sky was hopping with young adults alike dressed in their video game or movie characters, or laced just in lace literally with nothing but lingerie, police dress outfits, Little Red Riding Hoods, Haley Quinns, or whatever one femme was dressed in with sexy being the operative.

Gansevoort fills its space from start to finish, it’s not even a question the crowds were still filing in after 2am.

In the clubs, scary just doesn’t factor into one’s vocabulary, pop culture from everything else wins the game every time when going out with friends, meeting new people, or hooking up with others at any given moment.

But for Daniel Quintanilla, yours truly who founded Daniel+Lauren, it’s all about having fun which is always the operative when starting this Manhattan ritual back in 2011.

Daniel’s character of choice for night 2 of Halloween Weekend was the lovely Blondie from the movie, “Sucker Punch” which was portrayed by “High School Musical” and “Grease Live’s” very own Vanessa Hudgens.

And if there’s anything you don’t take from these adventures, take that you must get plenty of sleep, and plenty of rest the night before, and on that day especially, because you don’t want a bouncer escorting you out the club 2 hours premature to close for just simply falling asleep twice.

But other than that, Gansevoort pleases every time giving yours truly an unforgettable experience.

Daniel Quintanilla


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