Lauren Conrad and her team celebrate Halloween



It’s Here, Halloween Is Finally Here

As the entire nation descends upon their streets to celebrate Halloween tonight into the early morning hours, especially up here in New York City, Lauren Conrad and her team do the same as well as they treat Halloween equivalent to Christmas Day with a lowdown of places to go for anything screaming Halloween.

Or in simple terms, Lauren and her gal editing team have taken a break from the usual workload to get ready for Halloween tonight creating their own costumes, and throwing their own parties with whatever theme they choose.

But don’t worry, Lauren provides a list of treats, crafts, and costumes to help you put together any last minute ideas brimming in your head, while giving you the opportunity to share what your Halloween plans are for tonight.

Palm Reading Made Easy

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton breaks down the best way to approach a palm reading without tensity, ensuring you get the best reading possible.

First, calm your mindset and relax, put your right hand out, cleanse your palms, and remember the five lives of your palms that are life, head, heart, fate, and sun.

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