Halloween Night in New York just as wild as ever

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

This Is New York, We Do Halloween Like No Other

Halloween finally arrived Monday Night here in New York City with droves of people dressed in costume from dawn to dusk to dawn for whatever party, bar, or parade they were going to like the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village.

Mainly, the night was dominated by of course the Halloween Parade with revelers in costumes filing in by droves to see other reveler in costumes march along the parade route of Sixth Avenue starting at Spring Street all the way down to Sixteenth Street.

Many floats had their own creative theme going for them like a Michael Jackson “Thriller” tribute, a sponsored float from iHeart Radio, a Caribbean band playing “Thriller”, disco, Ghostbusters, or sexual innuendos.

Even after the parade winds down, crowds still file onto the streets or commercial establishments to take in the sights and sounds happening at the moment, along with a little nourishment.

Soon after the parade, Daniel+Lauren founder, Daniel Quintanilla who dressed up as Bebe Rexha ascended over to Capitale over on Bowery Street to get in some late night partying in which truly was the marquee moment for yours truly here.

All attendees were living it up getting their inhibitions out in the air dancing in the big elegant space Capitale is known for.

Colorful lights, loud deejays, monsters, and sexy costumes made this the place to be at till 2:30am exactly because Monday can be a worse time to celebrate Halloween and go out and party if you have to work the next day.

In spite of work nights, some people still go out and party anyway, and that’s what all of New York City did this entire past weekend starting Friday night, then Saturday, and even Sunday at small bars and clubs.

With a Halloween Parade that’s wild, and a city like New York that’s iconic in its own right,  Halloween cannot be matched by any other city, Las Vegas, Nevada may try, but New York City will win out every time.

And so, this is why yours truly keeps coming back year after year beginning back in 2011, and will continue to do so next year, the year after next, and so on, and so on.

Daniel Quintanilla



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