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Keeping House In The Magazine

Lauren Conrad announced Wednesday she’ll be in the latest issue of Good Housekeeping talking about everything that has to do with holiday.

Lauren got all dressed up in her finest dresses along with giving her room at her house a little makeover as Good Housekeeping came over to shoot Lauren looking her very best.

In the GH issue today, Lauren talks about apple cider being her favorite thing to cook over the holidays, traditions of Christmas morning in pajamas, little black dresses for parties, and finding gifts through fair trade at The Little Market.

Holiday Travel The Easy Way

If you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, Lauren’s tripping piece Wednesday gives 5 travel hacks to make holiday traveling easier.

You can beat airport lines by applying for TSA Pre-Check, board the plane via your phone, carry on bags to avoid luggage check, bring on your own snacks, and bring stuff to read or watch while flying.

The First Friend To Wed

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today talks about her love life learning what it’s like to be the first one out of all her friends to get married.

While Jessi says it’s uncharted territory to be the first friend, always merge your friends and spouse together so everyone’s comfortable with each other.

Next, keep your friends a priority and don’t believe marriage takes you away from your friends, make a date night with your spouse, and invite your friends over when you and your loved one are too tired to go out.

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