Nordic International Film Festival puts strong emphasis on women filmmakers


Courtesy: Nordic International Film Festival

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During Daniel+Lauren’s Halloween weekend in New York City, yours truly had the pleasure of attending the Nordic International Film Festival held annually at the Scandinavia House where short films are screened all weekend, with an award ceremony wrapping up the weekend where the tone was set to give note to women in the film industry.

It was also reported that 65 percent of those who’s films were screened at NIFF this weekend were women, and this fact alone puts a huge dent into the movie industry that’s normally a male-dominated world.

NIFF not only pays attention to films in the Nordic region, but screens films internationally not only emphasizing women, but paying attention to the little guy in general.

A fine example of NIFF taking notice on a short film was “The Art Of Not Appearing” directed by Pernille Rivedal Hellevik who is a woman, and won the award for Best Nordic Short.

“The Art of Not Appearing” is a 13 minute film telling about two ghosts that cross paths who are forced to question their reasons for haunting, after years of solitude and obsession.


Courtesy: Nordic International Film Festival

And on Friday, Producer/ Writer and NIFF Jury Member & Panel Speaker, Ingrid Rudefors added more to the topic of women in film saying that it’s extremely important the short film/ independent film industry increase awareness and opportunities for women in film.

Ingrid too went onto say that even though the mainstream media is male-dominated world, the climate is looking better for women, but we have a long way to go for women to be where they need to be.

As with any film festival, Ingrid says that the panel of NIFF’s number one goal with diversity is doing the right thing, Ingrid will next year suggest doing what the Swedish
Film Institute and now even Canada does, having a 50% goal for funding, meaning that funding from the National film funds will go 50% to films by
female directors.

Ingrid’s suggestion would be for NIFF to have a 50% female directors goal for next year.

Ingrid also spoke her own words about the election of Donald Trump as our next President hoping that people in general are so angry about his derogatory remarks that it will force people in powerful positions to make the population aware of women’s rights and equal opportunity issues.

Ingrid also looked to the 2020 election where she sees young people coming of age to vote where they’ll take their anger and make a huge difference for the better.

Ingrid too saw the strong reaction from Hollywood against Donald Trump where she hopes that protest will turn into awareness leading Hollywood to honor female directors.

And finally, Ingrid Rudefors says the only way to continue achievements for women in film is to put a note out for women directors to be directors of films, because the only direction Ingrid says we can go at this point is up.

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