Lauren Conrad steals embroidery style



Embroidery Land

Lauren Conrad and her contributor, Jessi Burrone had some style steals today celebrating everything wonderful about embroidery on pieces, accessories, neutrals, and even shoes that give a leg up on your wardrobe.

Jessi starts out with embroidered denim which Jessi was skeptical to wear until she tried them out and the mind changed from there, Jessi was close to home wearing LC Lauren Conrad Embroidered Skinny Jeans.

Next, there are the embroidered shoes that are Topshop Blossom Embroidery Boots on a black canvas coming in multiple colors to set a great mood to an already monochromatic outfit.

Embroidery shines the most on the Nasty Gal Glamorous My Little Butterfly Denim Jacket justifying the 90’s style resurgence happening lately, and embroidery comes out like hives too in the Urban Outfitters Zero Gravity Gather Embroidered iPhone Case.

A Sweet Tarte

Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen serves up today a dessert inspired by the classic movie, “Gigi” called simple tarte tatin from the recipe box.

Now, you are going to need 10-12 small pink lady apples or any high acid apple with a little sweetness to conquer this recipe with simple ingredients to get the pie filling together, as well as the pie crust.

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