UN:DO launches new collection to fight gun violence

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

Fashion Against Guns

The UN:DO contemporary collection launched its line tonight here in New York City at the Gallery 151 in an effort to make the world aware about gun violence.

A capacity crowd showed up throughout the evening not only to enjoy the atmosphere, but to aid in making gun violence a priority in the rest of the population.

This launch all evening long also featured 8 models showing off the UN:DO collection that sends a powerful message on putting an end to gun violence which causes death.

The UN:DO collection is a socially conscious contemporary fashion brand launching the first collection titled UN:LOAD which was curated to bring awareness toward gun violence.

UN:LOAD aims to reduce gun violence by creating awareness and raising funds to save lives in the United States donating 20% of the profits to the not-for-profit organization “Gun Violence”.

The totality of UN:DO is growing awareness toward socially debilitating causes that plague our society hoping to eradicate them completely, a movement that wishes to rise above hashtags directing action such as consumerism towards positive change.

Daniel Quintanilla

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