Lauren Conrad checks off thankfulness 

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What Are You Thankful For?

On the day before Thanksgiving, Lauren Conrad came up with a checklist of all the things she is thankful for in her life.

Lauren starts out with a questionnaire asking specifically the people, places, and things Lauren is thankful to have like things in the home, or friends Lauren has.

Lauren says she’s thankful to have people like makeup artist, Amy Nadine in her life, as well as childhood friends from the past, and in the present.

Lauren’s thankful also for her colleagues over at, The Little Market, and for her family and little puppies being Chloe and Fitz.

Lauren’s also thankful for living so close to the beach, as well as coming up with recipes like the perfect pumpkin pie.

Gifts For Beauty Queens

Lauren Conrad has gift ideas today for those who love makeup, hair products, eyeshadow, and lipstick options.

Lauren offers a variety of items like mirrors, creams, eye kits, balms, and gift packs for those devoted beauty queens.

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