Lauren Conrad wishes every one a Happy Thanksgiving 

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It’s Turkey Day, Be Happy, & Eat Well

Thursday was definitely a day to give thanks as Thanksgiving Day arrived once again for many of us to enjoy our family’s company, and make the best food we’ve ever had.

Just as the holiday begun yesterday, Lauren Conrad got business out of the way wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving thanking their visitors for their continued support all year long, as well as recommending recipes for all to make on their Thanksgiving table.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Lauren told us 5 things The Little Market taught her not to take for granted like access to education, a safe working environment, equal pay, clean drinking water, and healthy food for our families.

Finding A Holiday Bargain

If you want to be a savvy shopper for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, look to a whole line of deals which include LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown on getting the best bang for your buck in your Christmas shopping.

From Yours Truly

Daniel Quintanilla is truly grateful for new opportunities that can be started on your own, leading to something great.

As a longtime Examiner, Daniel learned a lot of things that make Daniel+Lauren a great site, as well as learn new things since starting over the summer and into the fall.

And apparently, Daniel has become more diverse with what he writes about as he extended himself to new places everyday, and create more connections in the process.

Therefore, Daniel thanks everyone who’s been supportive in this new place he’s in, and Daniel’s happy to keep this all going for years to come.

Daniel Quintanilla

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