Lauren Conrad decks out December



Are You Ready For The Holidays?

Lauren Conrad is looking pretty as always, it’s all because Lauren’s excited today for December which bring on the holidays like no other, and a month filled with gift guides and styles.

What you’ll definitely expect are more gift guides for each type of personality and genre you proudly are, and don’t forget do-it-yourself Christmas decor, pretty coats, and sequins for New Year’s Eve.

Baby Gifts

One of those gift guides Lauren mentions in her Letters From Lauren today are gifts for the little ones, which Lauren has up and ready for you to shop.

Lauren begins with the babies with gifts like baby wraps, bottle-shaped pillows, a pom pom mobile from The Little Market, geo foam floor tiles, finger puppets, bonnets, bibs, stuffed animals, rattles, and chairs.

Lauren then moves on to the toddlers and kids with Barbie dolls, ice cream toys, mini purses, play blocks, tunics, play dishes, coffee sets, dolly wraps, riding horses, and mini shoes.

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