Lauren Conrad’s gifts are fit for gym freaks



Gym Rats Rejoice

We gift for fashion lovers, guys, girls, and those that give back, Lauren Conrad today gifts for those who lover going to the gym, keeping their figure in check.

Lauren starts out with stocking stuffers like rose bud earbuds, yoga socks, water bottles, jump ropes, chrome slides, active liner sock sets, Fitbit, arm pouches, steel water bottles, and books about fitness & nutrition.

Lauren then gets right into the serious gym buffs having studio yoga bag, yoga featherweight tank top, J Crew 620 sneakers, overnight bag from The Little Market, disguised fitness trackers, leggings, headphones, and yoga mat.

Re-Do The Living Room

Lauren Conrad’s team of editors today showed us how Lauren did a makeover on her living room by laying out ideas and concepts before finalizing a look.

Lauren took a simple living room with a piano and map frame hanging up and turn it into a brighter living space with less accessories, and a more inspiring place to hang out and spend time with family and friends.

Daniel Quintanilla

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