Lauren Conrad and the lovely winter village



Make It A Beautiful Winter

Lauren Conrad’s deck the halls series today helps the world create their own little winter village out of pastel material that will go a long way.

Just like Lauren’s mom does every year, Lauren put 110 percent into this pastel winter village that one can easily turn into a do-it-yourself project as part of Christmas decor.

From the craft store of your choice with an en mass selection, you can find wooden birdhouses, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, mini pine trees, and any other accessory you need to make your own pastel winter village.

And while your creating a winter wonderland, do not forget to buy snow and trees surrounding your painted wooden houses so winter can finally be beautiful.

A Citrus Good Time

Lovely Libations today gets into the sweet and tangy side of life thanks to Izze sparkling beverages for a drink that you’ll love serving all holiday long.

Add a glass of gin or champagne to any one of Izze’s recipes and many fruitful drink options, and you’ll have happiness waiting for you.

Daniel Quintanilla

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