Lauren Conrad turns calendar into ornaments 


Countdown To Christmas

Lauren Conrad relies on her prop stylist, Kate Martindale today to turn advent calendar dates into decorations that you can hang on the Christmas tree.

Since this is a do-it-yourself project, you don’t need to buy existing ornaments to glue dates onto them, you simply start out with mini-jewelry boxes and the rest follows.

The rest being a trip to the craft store where you’ll find glitter, ribbon, glue, and extra mini boxes with tiny gifts inside to turn your lush Christmas Tree or Charlie Brown like tree into a cute number.

Reaching For The Top

Kate Martindale continues the holiday theme today trotting pink and gold as the headliner with a Christmas tree topper carrying those colors seen from afar.

In the same trip to the craft store for the advent materials, you can also pick up cardboard, tulle, and ice pick to poke holes, cardstock paper, and toothpick.

As you throw in glitter of silver, gold, and pink with a little ribbon, and a makeshift star on top, you will have yourself a merry little Christmas as you complete your tree with the brightest star you’ve ever seen.

Daniel Quintanilla

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