Lauren Conrad making the holidays chic too



Chic Never Takes A Holiday

It’s chic during prime times like Christmas and New Year’s Eve that shines the most showing off the finest and brightest details, Lauren Conrad’s Chic Of The Week today especially does that.

Even if you hadn’t had brie cheese before, you’ll definitely appreciate the delightful chic this week from a fine girl named Bri who uses Paper Crown as her springboard for festive holiday attire.

Bri first has PC’s Havana top into the Mumbai skirt that are beautifully accompanied by a pair of black tights and heeled booties Bri wears on what’s already a chilly day.

Bri’s next is the Cannes dress splashed in spiced wine crepe going for the long and drape look with statement necklace and beachy waves.

The Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

With help from GREEN & BLACK’S, Lauren Conrad’s gift guide today stuffs our sweet tooth with G&B’s finest chocolate bars made with all natural ingredients coming from pure sources, also having flavors like milk & dark chocolate and salted caramel on tap.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s picks this week keep the holiday spirit going with custom framed rose gold frames, DIY ornaments with temporary tattoos, puppies sitting pretty by the Christmas tree, apple cider Moscow mule, floral velvet robes, and blood orange thyme cake.

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