A note of Christmas gratitude from Daniel+Lauren

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Guess What?  Christmas Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Wow, can you believe it?  We’ve made it to the big day today of December 25 (Christmas Day), where there’s so much presents unwrapped, time spent with families, and remembering why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

But what I, Daniel Quintanilla, yours truly over at Daniel+Lauren wants to do is give note to those places where people have giving me the opportunity to do special things I love that have made my work for years at Examiner good, and have continued to make great things happen so far here at Daniel+Lauren.

Let’s start with with UBM and Seventh House who’ve opened their doors to me with the opportunity to attend great events like FashionFWD and New York Fashion Coterie for more than 5 years.

Let’s not forget Rubenstein Public Relations along with Emily Brickel Edelson and her Chic Sketch baby who’s give opportunities too to mingle at their parties, as well as Emily telling me about her latest fashion sketches.

Next, Kathryn McCarron, J-Won, Paper Crown, and Just Live who spend time with me continuously sharing the newest things about their collections.

Shoutouts go to Seventh House PR again who’ve delivered numerous opportunities so far telling me about the designers they represent.

New York Fashion Week from the get go who’s let me go to runway shows in the past, as well as pass me along to various designers so I can learn more about their collections too.

Art Hearts Fashion with their collective efforts on their mission, and their semi-annual fashion week closing events where the red carpet brings everybody out for a big celebration.

Siim Kohv with his public relations firm telling me about wonderful designers like Thomas Wylde that create great unforgettable statements on great pieces.

LA Presse Public Relations who’s not only given me opportunities in the past, but most recently letting me learn about the Nordic International Film Festival with their amazing short films.

D’Orazio & Associates also has played a significant role here at Daniel+Lauren supplying me with press releases about celebrities wearing high-end jewelry and fashion.

Abracadabra costume and make-up store in New York City who’s made it possible for a blessed soul like yours truly to look very beautiful every Halloween Weekend and Halloween Night in Manhattan for 5 years since 2011.

Babel, a little New York gem bringing culture, diversity, and music together that caught up with me back at New York Fashion Week earlier this year on Valentine’s Day weekend, playing a big role on Halloween & earlier this month.

WordPress, a very important link between the end of Examiner.com, and my new website, Daniel+Lauren, my involvement began the evening after Examiner’s death, starting by learning about WordPress, starting small with free services, and finally having a full-fledged website.

And finally, the true one who started it all back in June 2009 riding me along the way ever since is the one and only, Lauren Conrad giving me interviews more than a few times, and learning about the talent that Lauren has.

Mentioning names would end up being too many, and too little time to get permission to put them in this piece, so at the very least I mention their firms and companies expressing words of thanks and gratitude for the numerous opportunities they give me all throughout the year.

Finally, I got to learn to do pieces like these way ahead of time, and publish them automatically at a set time so my family don’t get upset with me for working on Christmas Day.

Anyhow, to all who have helped me out all throughout the year, as well as throughout the years, Merry Christmas.

Daniel Quintanilla (Founder of Daniel+Lauren)

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