The wedding registry that team Lauren Conrad uses


A Wedding Registry Doing All The Work For You

Today, the team of Lauren Conrad tells about Zola, a wedding registry app that breaks everything down like age group, gifts, and costs, taking the trigonometry out of wedding gifting.

Zola breaks down everything like the amount of guests at your wedding, gifts needed at each price range, types of gifts according to your guest’s age, and keeping track of funds for the wedding and honeymoon.

What’s gone are the days where the only time you touch a price scanner in your life to scan off items at a department store that you may find useful, but most of the time, useful those gifts are not.

And in the link from Zola, you will receive a $50 Zolo gift credit when you receive $500 in gifts.

Say Bye-Bye To Alcohol (What???????)

Jumpstart January continues as Team LC today says sayonara to alcohol, and for good reason since you may have had one too many libations at Christmas, some Hanukkah nights, and a lot of bubbly on New Year’s Eve.

Detoxifying from alcohol includes juice detox, soup detox, smoothies, and grabbing a glass of water every time you have an urge to drink, it’s all about getting yourself right again, and back on track right before the holidays rolled around.

Daniel Quintanilla

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