Femme De Cupcakes sweet handbags at UBM Accessorie Circuit

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

The Sweet Taste Of Handbag

UBM Fashion presents their first Accessorie Circuit for 2017 today here at the Javits Center in New York City, yours truly (Daniel+Lauren) features Femme De Cupcakes and their contemporary handbag collection.

Two years ago, Femme De Cupcakes founder, Alexander Ngan wanted to create a collection that is different from everyone else, being a younger line with a little more colors and more vibrant, using top quality material to produce their handbags.

The highlights of this Femme De Cupcakes line are the Burano mini saddle Crossbody handbags inspired by the rich and colorful streets of Burano, Venice using three tone color blocking made with top grain Ryan Napa leather as it’s also detailed with custom light gold hardware and signature lining.

Not only do the Burano bags have frosting inspired colors, the La Jolla & Bel Air satchels alongside the Parisian Crossbody, bucket bags, and totes also have frosting inspired colors.

Canvas bags lined with cupcake design prints include backpacks and big tote bags that are constructed to be big enough to act as a gym bag, consisting of big deep pockets also like a kangaroo.

Alexander and his collection went back and forth about what their audience wanted, finding their target reach wanted something sweet leaving Alex to come up with the cupcake line creating a brand or image that fits the youthful campaign Femme De Cupcakes is.

Daniel Quintanilla

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