Yak & Yeti go tie-dye at UBM Accessories the Show

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

Fashion In Unique Places

UBM Fashion’s first trade show of 2017 featuring collections out in stores now presents another of its women’s showcase being “Accessories the Show“, with a collection called Yak & Yeti taking after fashion’s underground while being sexy.

Yak & Yeti features tops, tunics, and dresses that are handmade, and inspired by the tie-dye period of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Yak & Yeri is based out of Los Angeles, California.

For the most past, all the tops, tunics, and dresses in this collection are tank top styles coming in an array of dark colors with olive green being the lightest, where black of course stands out as the darkest.

Yak & Yeti’s handbags and backpacks are designed and color schemed the exact same way as their dresses and tops so one can enjoy the experience of wearing tie-dye inspired wear that merges the past with the present and future.

The fashion of Yak & Yeti falls in-sync all-year-round whether it’s with a pair of sandals in the spring and summertime, or with or without a pair of black silhouette tights in the fall, and then a jacket with tights or not in winter like now when it’s real cold.

Daniel Quintanilla

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