Protecting precious bags and boots by Lauren Conrad



Armed for Snow, Sleet, & Rain

Today, Lauren Conrad puts forth ways you can protect that expensive leather handbag, as well as your expensive boots from getting destroyed by the elements that are the weather.

For your boots, Lauren says choose simple candle wax to rub on as a simple instant sealant against mother nature’s fury of wetness and coldness, but use a warm blow dryer to soften to wax up.

For your handbag, Lauren recommends using a weatherproofing spray to spritz onto your handbag investments that cost a pretty penny to impulse buy, and pennies to protect.

Then, there’s that simple solution of swapping or rotating out handbags and boots so they’re less exposed to the elements for a time before the weather warms up again.

Moonstruck Breakfast

The recipe box today by Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen serves up the “Moonstruck” inspired dish of fried egg breakfast toast with roasted red peppers.

Yours truly wondered where did Claire find such thick pieces of bread, the answer was sourdough bread cut like a panini, another surprise was Claire use a quarter cup of white wine which makes this breakfast a special one to have.

Daniel Quintanilla

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