Squashing the PMS blues by team Lauren Conrad


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PMS: The Menstrual Fire Before The Period

There’s no easy way to avoid it, it’s your period, but the symptoms beforehand throw you on the floor badly enough with cramps, bloating, and hormonal changes.

Now, it’s no task everyday for Lauren Conrad to talk about period symptoms, so Lauren’s contributors, Allison Norton and Kelly LeVeque tells of natural ways to ease PMS.

Rhodiola is a Chinese herb that calms stress and gives you energy to put cortisol at bay disrupting sex hormones and causes weight gain, and Vitamin B synthesized by gut bacteria metabolize glucose, reducing insulin which makes us irritable.

Stay away from sugar because that messes with your insulin big time bringing you the moodiest PMS you’ve ever encountered, and try maca powder to balance out your hormones.

Also, get in as much exercise as possible if you’re not in severe pain, because it keeps moodiness, and exercise makes us feel calm and satisfied.

The Reiki Experience

Lauren Conrad’s Rachel Rosenbloom swears by Reiki because it’s said to do wonderful things for your mind and body.

Reiki on the surface promotes release of tension, stress, pain, and anxiety while bringing greater clarity, a deeper process is connecting us to inner spaciousness and peace clearing the mind, restoring the body, and refreshing the spirit.

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