The Baby Watch: Lauren Conrad’s what not to say to pregnant women



Pregnant Women Are Extremely Sensitive

If you’re pregnant, and you’ve had your share of Q&A with friends, family, and strangers that make you feel uncomfortable, then Lauren Conrad today’s got 4 things one must never say if you’re expecting.

Start by not asking the couple when they’re going to have kids, because the newlyweds have their own time table and issues in front of them at when they’re going to try to get pregnant.

The next 2 things never to ask relate like asking when the baby’s due, as well as the size of the baby bump because you never want to assume someone’s pregnant when they may not be.

And never, never, never touch the baby bump of the expecting unless you do one thing, and one thing only, ask first, even if you are a friend, or even family too.

Favorite Apps to Stay In Shape

Today’s Tuesday Ten from team Lauren Conrad gives us their picks of the best health and fitness apps out there to track your progress.

Those apps include FitBit, Spotify Running, Classpass, Weight Watchers, Pedometer, Nike+ Training Club, Sweat With Kayla, Yonder, MyFitnessPal, and Lifesum so your path to greatness can be tracked according to your wants and needs.

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