Mezlan/ Bacco Bucci presents incredible men’s shoes at UBM MRket

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Best Shoes By Far

Mezlan shoes presented their one-of-a-kind men’s collection on Monday here in New York City at the UBM‘s MRket featuring the best menswear from around the world.

Mezlan is known for their fine selection, as well as their Bacco Bucci line which is the brother company of Mezlan based out of Italy, focusing on casual comfort and its many colors.

But it’s the FAUSTO shoe that wins with cushioning, comfort, and pricing earning it the nickname of Physician’s Shoe bought in black, and it’s Bacco Bucci’s #1 selling shoe for the past 4 years.

Mezlan itself is a factory-owned company based out of Spain offering 3 different tiers to their collection starting with the 1968 line that’s slightly a lower pricing point shoe but still is a high-quality shoe.

Then, there’s the Mezlan custom line having a limited quantity because these shoes are handmade by artisans who love what they do, which is why the stitching and furnishings are of high quality.

And Mezlan has the platinum collection consisting of exotic skins of genuine crocodile, alligator, iguana, and ostrich that are the real thing, no prints here.

Mezlan also previewed their fall/ winter 2017-18 collection consisting of absolutely beautiful shoes as one has great piping, oversized tassels, and is said to do really, really well when it goes to market.

Mezlan creates shoes that stand out with styles that are not commonly seen in the market place, making Mezlan and Bacco Bucci shoes one must invest in for quality, comfort, and of course, style.

Daniel Quintanilla

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