SAXX Underwear displays innovation at UBM ‘MRket’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Finding Support Underneath It All

SAXX Underwear got to relish what they call the best underwear in the world on Monday here in New York City at UBM‘s MRket menswear show.

SAXX is known for their patented mesh panel keeping you well supported on the inside, and it stops chaffing, this mesh element is a game changer for guys that no one else can come close to offering a mesh panel like SAXX does.

SAXX Underwear also offers performance lines that cater to guys that are runners, gym rats, active outdoors people, and so forth so their performing their best without the worry of bad underwear holding them back.

Yours truly was also impressed with the running shorts SAXX offers with their underwear built in that includes their patented mesh panel becoming a beacon for serious runners.

SAXX is a Vancouver, Canada based company that’s been around for 10 years, SAXX also witnesses copycats who try to produce good under like SAXX does, but they don’t come close.

Daniel Quintanilla


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