Ways to get 10,000 steps by gang Lauren Conrad


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Walk, Walk, Walk Until You Can Walk No More

Lauren Conrad‘s team today provided a lot of activities you can do to get 10,000 steps into your daily routine, and not just at the gym or at the yoga studio.

With help from Outdoor Voices which Ilana Saul is obsessed with, and who provide wonderful color-blocking activewear, Team LC says park farther, take the stairs, and plan active socials.

You can also take your dog around the block an extra time or 2 to get in more steps, as well as pick up food you ordered, do a walking meeting, or shop at the store instead of online.

Plus, get to know your neighborhood a little more by walking through it more often, create a walking competition with others, and set a timer of when you move around at work.

The Matcha Way

Team LC today with nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque tell us why we should be drinking Matcha, along with the benefits it provides.

Matcha contains a steep amount of antioxidants that can only be achieved in 10 cups of regular tea, it fights cancer, lowers cholesterol, and detoxifies, and has an amino acid called L-theanine that counteracts caffeine.

Two things to remember about Matcha, buy a high quality Matcha tea, and don’t have it with cow’s milk because it binds the nutrients, have it with almond milk or coconut milk instead.

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