Lauren Conrad celebrates 300 Friday Favorites



300 Is A Big Number

Today, Lauren Conrad celebrated a small milestone, but a milestone nonetheless, the 300th Friday Favorites since April 2011 when relaunched into its current form.

Small note, for those of you who don’t know or may have forgotten, prior to April 2011 was just a typical celebrity site to find out about appearances, appearances Lauren made on TV shows, media from Lauren, and periodic updates.

Anyway, Lauren noted the milestone with do-it-yourself dip-dyed pots and macrame mobile plants, plus a boho birthday party theme, and greeting card saying “Thanks A Bunch”.

The 300 occasion too climaxed by showing off blush velvet jogger pants, and an abandoned pig accepting a puppy as its new best friend.

The Edit by Lauren Conrad & Friends

Possibly, Chic Of The Week that use to be on Fridays with Friday Favorites would’ve celebrated 300 too, but now, there’s The Edit filled with finds from the week.

This week, Lauren found a pink Le Creuset’s signature cast iron dutch oven, Le Creuset is classified as the best enamel cast iron cookware out there, Lauren too stumbled upon Kristin Ess’s The One shampoo & conditioner.

Lauren’s fond editors found wall art, earrings, “The Magnolia Story”, fashion from LC Lauren Conrad & Paper Crown, and nail polish eye liner.

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