Valentine’s Day gifts from the editors of Lauren Conrad


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Gift My Valentine

Today, the people of Lauren Conrad revealed their gift guide for Valentine’s Day choosing items that your guy, or your girl will absolutely love.

For the girls, team LC has 3 hearted gift box, heart pillow, flair pack, heart ceramic trinket tray, fold-over clutch, flora iPhone case, pinky ring, cast-iron heart shaped dutch oven, nail polish, and gold planter, there’s also gifts from The Little Market & LC Lauren Conrad on this list.

And for the guys, team LC’s picks are cuff links, analog canvas strap watch, leather toiletry bag, boxer briefs, instant digital camera, leather wallet, love journal, high top sneaker, love gift box, and red bandana.

Wash Your Cups Properly

Team Lauren Conrad today too has ways you can wash your bra without damaging it in the washer, over-detergent, or over drying it.

If the bra goes in the washer, make sure you put your bra only in a mesh bag so it’s separated from other items, and wash your bra on a delicate cycle.

If you hand wash your bra, soak it in cold water for 15 minutes with very minimal detergent, and don’t wring out your bra, press into the bra to let the water out, and hang your bra between the cups, not by the straps.

Daniel Quintanilla

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