Lauren Conrad celebrates her 31st birthday



Life Is A Gift Itself

Today, it’s not only the beginning of a new month being February 1 as it’s the second month of 2017, but it is the birthday of Lauren Conrad who turns 31 years old today starting what’s going to be yet another wonderful year.

For the team at, Lauren’s birthday is their very own holiday, celebrating the many accomplishments Lauren has met in such a very short time, so far it’s 13 years that Lauren’s had unbridled success with television, books, fashion, and her successful websites for the masses, and for good.

Lauren’s team assures us that Lauren’s life this year will be a big one given the upcoming birth of Lauren’s first child, and exciting things happening over at

Nails From The Heart

Team Lauren Conrad today brought in the nail files once again to get a head start on Valentine’s Day with manicures devoted to pink canvas and tiny little hearts.

Team LC seeks help from Olive & June for those of us who want our Valentine’s Day to go off without a hitch with step by step instructions to cute nails, as well as find the perfect gift while our significant others find perfect gifts for us.

Daniel Quintanilla

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