Valentine’s Day in a plant by Lauren Conrad



Love Is In The Plant

Lauren Conrad kicked off the drive to Valentine’s Day Monday with a cupid’s corner of DIY potted plants that have puns printed on the pots, which Lauren and hubby, William Tell appreciate.

Lauren tells this is one of the many things she and William have in common, an appreciation for puns of all sorts, and it only takes a few minutes to put this punned pottery together.

All it takes is a few simple procedures to decorate the terra cotta pots with beautiful puns, as well as replanting the choice of herbs into the punned pottery.

Sweet, Sweet Love

Edible Obsessions of Valentine’s Day lip & heart cake pops got Monday off to a sweet and tasty start coming in all kinds of frostings of red and white.

All you have to do is bake the cake first, let the cake dry, cut the cake into hearts and lips, and apply frostings colored in red and white onto them, let it get hard, and then enjoy.

Daniel Quintanilla

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