Rinat Brodach Presents ‘Diagnois’ fall 2017 at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Rinat Brodach

Beautiful In Your Own Skin

New York based rising designer, Rinat Brodach set the bar high on the opening day of New York Fashion Week Thursday with the runway debut of her Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

The exclusive by invitation only event at 91 Horatio Street housed a carefully selected group of 85 notable fashion industry editors, buyers, VIP’s, and press.

The overall vibe as guests entered was industrial and minimalistic, brick walls, some piping, white benches.

All seats were adorned with black gift-bags and chicly designed bottles of CORE brand water.

As invitees took their seats, all of a sudden an eclectic, edgy, yet deep-house vibing track begins to play as the words “my body is strong” are recited throughout.

Initially, the first thing guests noticed was the hair and makeup.

Among dark hair with platinum dyed eyebrows, also on each model was a red mud-like paste positioned aat the hairline.

The brainchild of Dax Anderson for Davines North America.

The hair and eyebrows were them accompanied by a morbidly dewed skin tone, yet giving off a strong sense of futurism.

Sammy Mourabit was the Lead Artist, who approached Brodach personally via Instagram on behalf of MAC Cosmetics, the official MUA sponsors for the show.

This collection also marks the brand’s capsule menswear addition.

The Fall/Winter 2017 collection interprets a manifestation of growth and maturity of the Rinat Brodach label, and is present throughout the bold and confident characteristics built into each garment.

Ultimately, the concluding element is that Rinat Brodach pieces are made for women of confidence, resilience, and power, where they don’t fit the clothes, but the clothes fit them.

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