Whitney Port pregnant with first child


Courtesy: Whitney Port Instagram

Baby Mania In The Hills

That’s right!!!!  Just a month and 9 days after Lauren Conrad announced she was pregnant, Whitney Port announced Thursday that she is expecting her first child.

Whitney took to Instagram also to announce the exciting news to the world alongside her namesake blog saying that she’s very excited about this new addition in her and Tim’s lives.

Also, there Miss Whitney was posing half nude in lace panties with knotted crop top up to the chest showing off her growing baby belly, looking as radiant and beautiful as ever.

Whitney also says she’ll be posting more photos and videos along the way so Whitney can take the world with her on a journey throughout her pregnancy, which Whitney is excited about.

The only thing Whitney Port ask of you now is what’s the best way to go about raising her first child, and for how long, lol.

Daniel Quintanilla

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