Babel calls on Guy Gerber to party in New York Fashion Week


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Fashion Week Is About Fun

Babel New York held it’s annual New York Fashion Week celebration here in Midtown Manhattan at the Flash Factory late Friday night into early this morning.

Well known Deejay, Guy Gerber along with Eli Light, Orazio, and Salome were his guest for his world famous sets that electrified the crowd to say at the very least.

Guy was killing it all throughout the night, and 3 a.m. was no match for not only Guy, or the house that was filled to capacity and not letting up anytime soon.

As with any Deejay who’s real good at their craft, Guy Gerber kept the crowd going up until 5 a.m., receiving a big round of applause when Guy indicated the night was over.

Babel’s mission is bringing people together of all backgrounds and taste so we too are able to express our fun selves, Babel whatsoever did not cease on their mission.

Daniel Quintanilla

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