Concept Korea walks fall/ winter 2017/ 18 at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Dan Lecca

A Happy Family Of Style

Concept Korea returned to New York on February 10th, 2017 to show Fall/Winter 2017 collections at Skylight Clarkson Square, marking its fifteenth season showing at New York Fashion Week.

Hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), this season’s showcase represented the best of women’s Seoul based fashion and included designers: GREEDILOUS by Younhee Park, KIMMY J by Heejin Kim and YOHANIX by Yohan Kim.

From K-Pop to K-Beauty, there is no denying the cultural influence of South Korea over the past decade.

Most recently, South Korean fashion designers have taken the industry by storm, creating a K-Fashion phenomenon that has quickly placed Seoul on the international fashion map.

Since 2010, the program has brought rising design stars from South Korea into the New York City spotlight, providing a global stage for the country’s tremendous talents.

Notable attendees included Fern Mallis, Simon Collins, Ty Hunter, Shaun Ross and Ian Mellencamp.

The GREEDILOUS F/W17 collection references a 1930’s Salvador Dali painting “The Persistence of Memory,” through the use abstract objects and rhythmic patterns.

Such surrealist nods to inference and nuanced awareness reminded the designer, Younhee Park, of the investigative works of Sherlock Holmes; Using the movies’ background history and mood, she completed her collection using classic checked prints and Greedilous’s unique style, perfecting the collection with a feminine, casual silhouette.

KIMMY. J’s FW/17 collection titled, “Dumpster Disposal Squad” is inspired by garbage collectors who pick up trash from door to door.

The title uses Dumpster, to reference landfills, and Disposal Squads, to reference the collectors, personifying them as super heroes.

The collection uses fun, energetic color palettes reminiscent of plastic, metal, and vinyl, juxtaposed against achromatic colors you find in refuse.

Silhouettes include reinterpreted uniform shapes and feature details found in public goods.

YOHANIX upcoming collection, FIRST AID, draws inspiration from the opposition of emotional and monetary value.

Citing the comparison of the monetary value of flowers to an expensive watch, it is clear that over time the watch will outlast the flowers, and in today’s world that is often the only thing that people consider.

However, the designer treasures the emotions that come from buying someone flowers, the happy face of a person that receive flowers, the smile on your face when you buy yourself flowers, and the memories of the subtle fragrance of flowers that you received from someone special.

The YOHANIX runway will show that there are things that cannot be valued with a price tag, and maybe, a flower is the just the remedy that the world needs.

Daniel Quintanilla

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