Charles & Ron go for the oh so hot at Art Hearts Fashion via New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Charles & Ron

Superiorly Fierce Style To Say The Least

When you go to an all week event like New York Fashion Week up in all parts of New York City, it never seizes to amaze, and last Saturday night was no exception.

After braving down trains to get to Art Hearts Fashion down in lower Manhattan, as well as no sleep since Friday morning, yours truly who birthed Daniel+Lauren finally arrived at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Event Space to see a bold, strong, and an eyepopping collection that is Charles & Ron.

Charles & Ron is a contemporary lifestyle brand, creating high-end wearable clothing and bags with a distinct Mediterranean flair and a dedication to superior quality.

C&R’s fall/ winter 2017-18 collection is called “Amare Argentum”, which is based off the Maltese culture being an integral part of the Charles and Ron design ethic, and the brand’s vision is to inspire its clients to be part of the instantly recognizable Charles & Ron Mediterranean style.

Charles & Ron are in love, and both are celebrating the fact that it’s been 25 years since they met.

Their love for the Mediterranean and Malta (the country where the fashion house is based) is visible in every collection and this season is no exception.

The colour palette for this collection was inspired by a Mediterranean winter sunset.

Deep Sea Blue, Madonna Blue, Sunset Pink, Lilac Sky and Silver are the colours used that reflect this natural spectacle.

They are highlighted with black, which is a staple in the C&R collections.

As Daniel Quintanilla (yours truly) was enjoying the Charles & Ron show from the balcony above, yours truly adopted a new friend named Christina Yassa who’s blog after her namesake was there to witness the fierce style that is Charles & Ron.

Looking at virtually each look that walked down the runway in the historic church, Daniel & Christina did unofficial commentary saying the looks represented all work roles including boss, secretary, CEO, assistant, owner, intern, showoff, and bitch.

For Daniel & Christina, the next best moment at Charles & Ron’s show was your typical male fashionista telling us to be quiet as we were donning our own interpretations of the looks, but who made the individual we encountered the maven of the runway????

Continuing with C&R, tying in with the silver anniversary theme Charles & Ron also drew inspiration from the Maltese traditional craft of Filigree.

Silver Filigree shapes are printed on the in house designed fabrics and their trade mark striped fabrics are updated with the intricate Filigree designs of dolphins and the 8 pointed cross.

Besides the graphic prints which have become a signature, the collection also features elaborate hand beaded tulle and stud embellished suede and feather jackets.

Hand beaded dolphins and hearts embellish several designs and the C&R red and white gross grain ribbon is this season featured in a graphic print.

Fabrics range from Silk to Wool and Velvet and a beautiful custom made Jacquard fabric in metallic blue and black also features the Filigree dolphin pattern.

The handcrafted leather “Queen” bag was launched this season in a micro version, the small cross over bag features this season’s prints and is executed in many different colour and leather combinations.

The Models once again wore shoes by top shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, and boots by Charles & Ron.

Their look is completed with handcrafted Maltese Filigree jewellery.

The intricate jewellery is designed by C&R and handcrafted by Sterling Jewelers.

Charles & Ron received an award by “Art Hearts Fashion” in recognition of their outstanding performance at New York Fashion Week in the category of Ready to Wear.

Daniel Quintanilla

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