The catch up game of Lauren Conrad from Feb 13 to Feb 17



I Missed All This??????????????

Yours truly obviously had many reasons they couldn’t get to Lauren Conrad in the week that passed, first was to get fashion articles out, then fatigue, followed by a family emergency.

Let’s start with Monday with a look back on Valentine’s Day with love letter pancakes made with cookie cutters and love, then a style guide on cupid approved Valentine’s Day looks by Anna James that are girly, bright, and flashy.

Tuesday, Lauren had February style tips on the Tuesday Ten declaring rose, cape, floral, sweater, hems, metallic, crochet, faux fur, lace, and winter as go to’s, plus darling details as current cravings.

Wednesday brought on style steals on what to splurge on, and what save your money on, and the recipe box opened for homemade New York style pretzels and sauces of honey mustard, cheesy beer, and spicy maple mustard.

The day before Friday being Thursday had a primp tip by Lauren on ways to prevent hair breakage ranging from weather to diet, and a beauty note of a few simple ways to add sparkle to your makeup.

And finally, Lauren Conrad’s Friday includes Friday Favorites consisting of makeup highlights and light bites to eat, then The Edit finds boho blouses, pink chairs, inspiring mats, jumpsuits, and shift dresses to complete the week that was.

Daniel Quintanilla

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