Chicca Lualdi’s launches at New York Fashion Week via CAAFD showcase

Courtesy: Chicca Lualdi

Be Italian

At the CAAFD Emerging Designers Showcase on February 14th, the highly regarded Italian designer Chicca Lualdi presented her BeeQueen collection to an audience hushed in amazement.

Lualdi’s designs exuded sophistication and class, with high fashion takes on everyday types of clothing.

Trench coats, dresses, business skirts, all of these seemingly ordinary pieces of clothing were remixed in what can only be described as the Lualdi way.

Chicca utilized sheer fabrics, skirts, muted colors and very unique and ornate jackets and tops that created a feeling all their own.

The emerging designer showcase, which is performed every season, was sponsored by CAAFD and iFashion Network, and featured a slew of emerging, talented and most of all unique designers, Chicca Lualdi stood tall to that task.

Her BeeQueen collection is unlike anything ever seen at the CAAFD emerging designer showcases.

Daniel Quintanilla

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